The Team

Nick Denham -  Operations DirectorNick Denham - Operations Director

Nick has led the constant improvement in our efficiency for several years. He has been responsible for getting plants from seed to customer since he left college a lot of years ago. Nick's personal dedication to quality helps set the standard throughout the company.

Martin Ellis -  Finance DirectorMartin Ellis - Finance Director

Martin brings many years of valuable experience in the industry to the team and is responsible for the financial, commercial and administrative functions of the business.

Kevin Laverack - Production ManagerKevin Laverack - Production Manager

Kevin's previous experience as a nursery manager (and customer) means that he knows exactly what our customers expect and exactly what we have to deliver.

Richard Merritt - Technical ManagerRichard Merritt - Technical Manager

Richard leads our development and trials and ensures that all specifications are adhered to.

Joann Eastwood - Costing and PlanningJoann Eastwood - Costing and Planning

Joann started with us when still at school and has worked in all departments of the company. She now plays a key role in ensuring our efficiency and her planning plays an important part in delivering a quality product to you.

Simon Denham - Engineering ManagerSimon Denham - Engineering Manager

Simon is one of those truly rare people who can still make things with their hands. He is responsible for many of the improvements in our business. You'd be surprised how important an engineer is to the quality of your plants.

Jackie Lygo  - Sales ManagerJackie Lygo - Sales Manager

Jackie rejoined the team in September 2013, mainly to strengthen the relationships with our French clients. Having worked with the company until 2002, and drawing on many years of experience dealing with growers’  requirements, many of our longstanding customers will remember Jackie from the past and will join us in welcoming her back into the team.